Bījār… the iron rugs of Iran

BIJAR et moi Slide02Iranian carpets are one of my weaknesses… Ma faiblesse.

I adore those wonderful carpets and rugs that simply bring joy into your home…

BIJAR  Slide07Bījār is an excellent example. Known for their weight, sturdiness, and remarkable stiffness and resistance to folding, the famous Bījār rugs are also known as “the iron rugs” of Iran. They come from the area and the town of Bījār, situated in north-western part of Iran.

Woven on a woolen foundation, in the symmetrical knot, these carpets are said to be double warped. The structure is unusual in that the weft is passed three times between rows of knots. 

BIJAR Slide08Many Bījār carpets have medallion schemes in which the medallion and corners are ornamented but the balance of the field remains a solid red or yellow.

BIJAR Slide09Other examples show repeat patterns, including the ubiquitous herāti, in which a diamond lattice peeps through a tangle of stylized flowers.

BIJAR Slide10From Bījār come a remarkable number of vāgīrehs, or weavers’ samples used as models for large carpets, that show portions of several patterns and borders.

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  1. Himani B says:

    ahh beauty! love ’em!

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