Camo… a certain style, almost a lifestyle, a constant fight for better future… Happy 2018! Bonne chance…

Cam0… a certain style, style of life, a lifestyle almost… like a constant fight for better life, for better future, for recognized values!

Camo… as an attitude, as a position, as the initial impression…

Fighting for a better life, for a better future, for human rights, for recognized values…

Fight against injustice, intolerance, crime, hypocrisy, stupidity, against political correctness, against immoral solutions, against poverty – spiritual and financial…

Fight for better future, fight simply for good, for we are all aware what is good and what is wrong…

Fight against prejudices, against laziness, against corruption, against bad taste in all aspects of life…

Fight for the reason and fight for your guaranteed human rights, fight for justice, fight for freedom, fight for equality…

Don’t stop until your rights are recognized. Don’t abandon… Don’t give up!

Don’t stop once you believe the game is over! Trust yourself! Define your credo! Fight for your resolution and fight for objectivity! Be human!

Bonne chance et Bonne Année 2018!

About necessities123editor

Necessities123... "We live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities." [O. Wilde]
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