Ayşe… my dear little angel


Unfortunately, some lives cannot be saved in spite of all love, care and support… My dear little cat Ayşe left us after an unfair battle against the Feline Leukemia Virus (FLV). She was only 15 months old…


She was an adorable, joyful and extremely intelligent little cat. For me, she was much more than a pet. She was unique. There are millions and millions of cats on this planet, but Ayşe was unique. She was my cat. She was my complice, my pal… my friend!


I feel blessed that I spent more than a year with this wonderful little cat.

If there’s heaven, she must be somewhere there… 

ayse-slide04 ayse-slide05 ayse-slide06 ayse-slide07 ayse-slide08 ayse-slide09 ayse-slide10 ayse-slide11 ayse-slide12 ayse-slide13 ayse-slide14 ayse-slide15

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