METoA Ginza… A brand new art exhibition space

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METoA Ginza (TOKYO, Japan) is defined as “a place for discovery”. It’s a very special art-exhibition space. Actually, it’s a space where art, culture and tradition are brought together through exciting technologies from Mitsubishi Electric.

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METoA is nested in The Tokyu Plaza Ginza building, located at 5-2-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. The opening ceremony was scheduled for March 31st 2016, so the place is NEW, refreshing, exciting and amazing… a true cultural center of Ginza for the 21st century. I am fascinated by the architectural solution(s), the high-tech options and the location… (I love Ginza!)

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The space was designed to make it easier for ideas to encounter other ideas, then join together, multiply, and overlap with each other. That theme can be seen reflected in the design of the walls of the elevator shaft, where a double layer of honeycomb panels overlap to create a floral pattern. The elevator shaft stretches from the first to third floors, connecting the three floors together into a single space.

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METoA Ginza was designed by the famous contemporary Japanese architect Shigeru Kubota, active in various fields and in different categories of business design with a focus on architecture and interiors.

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Based on the theme “Always something new. With Mitsubishi Electric.,” METoA Ginza (Mitsubishi Electric: Touch of Advancement) will provide visitors with opportunities to see, feel and experience innovation… One of the main attractions will be the second-floor METoA VISION, a multi-display system comprising 64 screens and measuring 19.4 meters by 2.7 meters.

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The METoA VISION will be a main feature of limited-time events held in collaboration with celebrities, artists and creators…

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“Flowers for Ginza” by Bergman and Hosogane — A beautiful encounter with film and flowers was on until July 10th 2016, when the new exhibition was open: “Space in Ginza”, “Piece of Universe” by KAIBUTSU, “I am here” by Emmanuelle Moureaux… and HYPERSPACE by Nakamura.

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