Enchanting Vienna… Reminiscence – May there be light!

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide13

Kärntner Straße and Stephansdom… a phantasmagoric approach

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide11

Around the lovely Dorotheergasse… Egon Schiele

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide12

Vienna State Opera (a detail of the facade) and the ambiance of Cafe Central…

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide14

Cafe Central… Herrengasse

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide05

Palais Ferstel…

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide01

Hofburg Palace…early in the morning

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide02

Sacher cafe… late in the evening

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide03

Vienna State Opera… interior

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide04

Vienna State opera… my favorite “modern” marble mural in the  Cafe Hall

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide07

Viennese State Opera… Wagner

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide08

Gerstner Pastry Shop… a detail

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide09

Gerstner Pastry shop… another detail

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide10

Gerstner Pastry shop… a chandelier and interior decoration

Vienne RSC 2016 Slide06

Viennese State Opera… Fiat lux!

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