Cagliari… My Sardinian holidays and summer adventures

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My Sardinian holidays and summer adventures this year… I was based in Cagliari or Casteddu, the capital of Sardinia (Sardegna) – nominated ‘The Cultural Capital of Italy’ for 2015, with a metropolitan area of about half a million inhabitants… with numerous possibilities to enjoy all aspects of the urban life, with the endless options for trips to the country and excursions to the sea resorts…

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… with the fascinating views of Castello, the ramparts and the Roman remains and the incredible Sardinian sea…

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Cagliari is an ancient city with a long history. Under the buildings of the modern city there is a continuous stratification attesting to human settlement over the course of five thousand years… from the Neolithic era to our days.

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Historical sites include the monuments from the prehistoric times, a large Carthaginian era necropolis, a Roman era amphitheater, a Byzantine basilica, three Pisan-era towers, and a strong system of fortification that made the town the core of Spanish imperial power in the western Mediterranean sea… 

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Cagliari was the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia from 1324 to 1848… Today the city is the capital of Sardinia, the regional, cultural, educational, political and artistic center.

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I love its piazzas, its endless, narrow, charming streets in the old Castello district, its elegant boulevards, its wonderful seafront, the charming arcades in Via Roma, its historical cafes and restaurants, its hidden alleys, the scents of the sea and the orange… I love the diverse Art Nouveau architecture… I love the terracotta facades… I love the sea, the charm of the island… I love its unique Sardinian style and its Italian elegance and nonchalance at the same time… Above all, I love Cagliari for the wonderful people, who love their city and their tradition.

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Cagliari, overlooking the ‘Golfo degli Angeli’, is an ancient city that spreads across seven hills. The city preserved its architectural heritage in spite of the air raids from the WW2, among other historical monuments – the towers and sections of the massive walls, which encircled its medieval Castello district, with numerous museums and galleries, which I had the pleasure to see…

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2 Responses to Cagliari… My Sardinian holidays and summer adventures

  1. I was there two years ago on holiday – a truly lovely city to spend time in – perfect for lounging on the beach and chilling in restaurants. The old buildings are stunning aren’t they? And not to mention the sunset viewed from the old town.

    • Yes! I definitely agree with you. The old town is amazing – the famous Castello or Casteddu in Sardinian, with the ramparts and the towers and nice museums (Regio Arsenale)… I like the sea. I liked the beaches of Villasimius for the crystal clear turquoise water and the gorgeous views… (I’ll post more stories and photos from Sardinia!) Thank you for passing by and thank you for the comments! 🙂

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