AVANT-TOI… Inspiring artistic fashion concept

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The values of the “Avant Toi” universe are expressed through the constant exploration of the unknown and the unexpected, perpetually distancing from the conventional rules of knitwear manufacturing in order to endow each piece with a sophisticated, one of a kind aspect and an avant-garde spirit.

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A pioneer in cashmere evolution, the Genoese designer Mirko Ghignone excels in technical experimentation and above all in the absolute innovation of coloring, revolutionizing the world of piece dying.

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Central to this process is the introduction of “air-brush coloring” that empowers each piece with authenticity and a unique, unrepeatable character. Through infinite combinations of shades and hues, each creation recounts its own particular story.

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“Avant Toi” captures the true beauty of cashmere and fine Italian knitwear, by masterfully transforming each piece into a work of art… for 20 years! Bravissimo!

Inspiring artistic fashion concept!

Link> http://www.avant-toi.it/ 

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