Truly exceptional in every sense – Kiton, of course!

Slide38 KTruly exceptional in every sense, Kiton of course! For me, Naples has always been the capital of stylish menswear… well, I love Naples for many other reasons and it’s definitely one of the most important cities in terms of architecture – from the first Greek settlements to our days (I’ve already published my impressions here). Kiton is one of the most important ambassadors of Neapolitan ‘sartoria’, founded in 1956 by Mr Ciro Paone. “Il meglio del meglio più uno” remains the motto of the company. Here’s an excerpt from their FW MMXIV collection for this season… Enjoy!

Slide39 K

Slide35 K

Slide54 K

Slide33 bis K

Slide16 K

Slide33 K

Slide56 K

Slide31 K

Slide12 K

Slide51 K

Slide13 K

Slide44 K

Slide34 K

Slide37 K

Slide27 K

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2 Responses to Truly exceptional in every sense – Kiton, of course!

  1. I think Kiton has really done a fantastic job with this collection. I love all the looks in these pictures (especially the 2nd picture with those velvet smoking jackets (one in my signature color), perfection! What’s your favorite look from Kiton this season?

    • I completely agree with you! The collection is fabulous! I like the velvet jacket(s), particularly the one in your signature color 🙂 I particularly like the ‘brown and blue’ story (Fig. 3-7), I like the shades of burgundy, porto and bordeaux and I am particularly fond of the last picture (Fig. 16) – the shoes and the bag in blue and brown – I simply adore the combination of tweed or other fabrics with leather for accessories. Thank you for your comments! 🙂

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