FW_(MEN)_2015/16_TREND(S): Green

From the shades of dark green, Brunswick green, dark pastel green to emerald and fern green… Other than olive, green is definitely back for large, unstructured coats and (leather or fur / fur-lined) jackets, blazers and trousers, scarves and knitwear! I believe we need more green accessories, as I enjoy wearing green sunglasses, scarves, bags and shoes. I believe, we shall see more green items in our wardrobes. 

grSlide1 grSlide2 grSlide3 grSlide4 grSlide5


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Necessities123... "We live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities." [O. Wilde]
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2 Responses to FW_(MEN)_2015/16_TREND(S): Green

  1. I’m all about this “green movement”! It’s my second signature color 🙂 I definitely see some looks in your post that I wouldn’t mind wearing.

    • Hi! I know that you like green. I am glad that you found something you would like to add to your personal collection. I would like to see more accessories, particularly the shoes & boots, gloves,bags, glasses and scarves.

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