BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 001

Cristóbal Balenciaga’s Parisian legacy… is reshaped again and reset to true aesthetic codes originally suggested by the famous Basque designer: perfect construction and elegant cuts. This FW 2015/16, collection made by Alexander Wang is elegant, oriented towards future and monochromatic – predominantly grey and the game with the texture and the structures is quite an intriguing one. Incorporated pockets contribute to this “architectural” constructional approach. Although defined by grey and black and “simple” forms, the collection is not minimalist, in terms of usual fashion critics. It’s well constructed and the architectural approach contributes to clear messages sent to the audience in Paris and the clients: less is more, elegance is defined and constructional approach defines the aesthetics and the core values set by Mr. Balenciaga. Large bags, boots and gloves are not the mere accessories – they are an integral part of this architectural fashion environment. Mr Wang did a tremendous job for the House of Balenciaga

BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 002 BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 003 BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 004 BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 005 BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 006 BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 007 BALENCIAGA FW 2015 16 008

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