FW_(MEN)_2015/16_TREND(S): More than 50 shades of grey

Elegant cashmere or wool coats, elegant or casual blazers and suits, matched with shirts and ties or sweaters or sweatshirts or simple T-shirts… as long as these are all grey, we will be “in”… 

With scarves in wool or silk echarpes with elegant shoes or warm boots, structured, fitted, unstructured, reconstructed tops to follow the body shape or to hide it well, jackets lined with fur or made of leather or suede, with accessories like enormous bags, accentuated gloves and oversized scarves, as long as these are grey, we will be “in”…

And don’t forget the knitwear, in different shades of grey – from cardigans and ‘unstructured knitted “deja vu” blazers’ to fitted sweaters! More than 50 shades of grey – definitely! Enjoy!

grey Slide01 grey Slide02 grey Slide03 grey Slide04 grey Slide05 grey Slide06 grey Slide07 grey Slide08 grey Slide09 grey Slide10 grey Slide11 grey Slide12 grey Slide13 grey Slide14 grey Slide15

About necessities123editor

Necessities123... "We live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities." [O. Wilde]
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