Alman Çeşmesi

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Alman Çeşmesi is a styled fountain in Sultanahmet Square. It was constructed to commemorate the second anniversary of Wilhelm II’s visit to Istanbul in 1898. It was built in Germany, then transported piece by piece and assembled in its current site in 1900.

The Neo-Byzantine style fountain’s octagonal dome has eight marble columns, and the dome’s interior is covered with golden mosaic.

The neo-Byzantine style octagonal fountain stands on a base with eight steps rising up to an entry gate. There are seven brass fountain spouts over basins on the remaining sides, and over the central reservoir there is a dome supported by eight columns. 

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The fountain’s central reservoir stands on a mosaic-tiled platform and surmounted with the bronze dome, which is raised on carved marble arches. On the outer side of the dome, there is ornately patterned bronze – the dome’s ceiling, which is decorated with golden mosaics and with Sultan Abdülhamid II’s tughra and Wilhelm II’s symbol.

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