Shoemaking in Vienna

WIEN SCHUH 005Vienna, the imperial capital keeps alive certain aspects of tradition(alism), which support the idea that not everything in the world has undergone the transition into the mere commercialism and mass-consumerism… Bespoke Viennese art of shoemaking is an interesting example. There are still the traditional shoemakers who make your shoes “sur mesure” (made-to-order) according to your needs and wishes. Some also offer the “pret-a-chausser” models, based on traditional Viennese footwear. Regardless of the option – the traditionalists keep the famous “Austrian Quality” as the “must” and there is no compromise with the good quality!

WIEN SCHUH 001If you take a short walk in the city center – right in the Mahlerstrasse you will find the famous Materna-Schuhe – Austrian Quality since 1907. The characteristic sign of every “Materna-Shoe” is without doubt the hand stitching – stitch-by-stitch the top leather is sewed with the sole by hand. The classically designed shoes look exquisite and you feel as if you were about to acquire a part of the Empire…


Not far from there, still within the 1st arrondissement (this would be the “English equivalent” (!) of the German word “Bezirk”), there is the famous shoemaker Maftei, since 1925, where you will be welcomed “by appointment” as they are among the leaders of the “sur mesure” in Vienna, made in the best possible and impossible materials – these perfectly styled shoes are divided into several categories: Basics (which are not “basic” at all !!!), Maftei Special, which include those made in single piece of leather and the Luxury shoes – made of ostrich and croc leather… Not to be missed!

WIEN SCHUH 003The seventh generation of the Scheer family contributed to the shoe-empire of style with 4 lines: Scheer, Rudolf Scheer und Soehne – Bottier d’art, R.Scheer Soehne and Scheer Schuhe… I have immediately fallen for the unsurpassed Klassischer Scheer-Stiefel – the elegant classy boots and the Halbschuh im Pariser Schnitt – which are the appealing elegant brogue shoes in brown and white… Needles to mention – the quality is the imperative and no doubt you’ll get the supreme quality shoes from the Scheer family, as they care about the (almost) two century long tradition their ancestor Johann Scheer had started in 1816 and then passed to Rudolph Scheer – the maître of the XIX century shoemaking in Vienna, who was the imperial and royal shoemaker to the court. Franz Joseph, Kaiser Wilhelm, Serbian and Greek Kings all opted for Scheer’s shoes. The historic events wanted the Scheer Empire to remain the only one still living as those empires and kingdoms have become the humble democratic republics…

WIEN SCHUH 004In the central pedestrian street, the famous Kaertnerstrasse, next to Sacher patisserie, there is the beautifully decorated shop window all tourists are familiar with: Zak Wien – the shoemakers who have been in, since 1912, when Thomas Zak founded the company. Behind the famous designed Italian shoes for ladies, they keep producing some quite interesting models for men, including the famous, easily recognizable, inevitable model: the charming button dress boots, which have conquered every gentleman’s heart. The only question was: black or cognac leather? Recently, the dilemma tripled, as they introduced the appealing blue-marine boots in leather and blue jeans, which are definitely my favorite model ! Bravissimi !!!

TOOLS SCHUHThere’s more to be found in Vienna… From the famous shoemaker “Ludwig Reiter” to imported Hermes or Santoni “pret-a-chausser” models…

Cafe Central REPORTER Necessities

This is the “authentic” choice I made for no particular reasons, just for fun and pleasure of discovering the aesthetic of the traditional values, this wonderful city offers on every step. After a nice walk – all routes in Vienna lead (me) to Herrengasse and the Central Café situated in Palais Ferstel, where this report was prepared… Bis bald!

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