Dubrovnik… A nostalgic trip to my childhood


Panoramic view of the Old town and the island of Lokrum

Dubrovnik… The old town, which has in many beautiful ways marked my childhood… and left the strong impression forever! I am back… Again!


St. Basil’s Cathedral

Protected as the world heritage of the famous UNESCO, Dubrovnik was once the capital of the Republic of Ragusa, the maritime republic on the Adriatic sea, which was very modern compared to the neighboring states – and notable for its wealth, skilled diplomacy and modern democratic laws… Situated on the Adriatic coast in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik has the privilege of the seaside resort. Some call it simply “The Pearl of the Adriatic sea”.


The old port

The historians believe that the town was settled in the 7th century, although there are claims the town had existed even before… Regardless of that – the beauties from the period of the famous Republic still remain…


The Republic of Ragusa Guard on duty!

Between the 14th century and 1808, The Republic of Ragusa was a free state! It was obvious from the sign on the flag: Libertas!


Panoramic view of the main street Stradun at night

The 2km long walls, the Palaces, the Cathedrals and the Churches, the main pedestrian street Stardun and the tiny streets in the old town, the terraces, the fountains, the old fortresses (Revelin, Bokar, Lovrijenac…)

DUBROVNIK-Necessities123(C)-002I could write for hours about the history and the beauties of this town which marked my childhood in a very special way. Every time I am back, my heart is full joy and nostalgia!


The view from the terrace of the famous cafe “Gradska kavana” with the 16th century Palace Sponza behind

A cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate-orange cake on the terrace of the famous “Gradska kavana” or the sweet candied orange peels and almonds simply bring back the taste of childhood and then I simply feel as a little kid again, running and playing for hours on the charming streets of the old town… I also enjoy having a glass (or two) of the sweet white wine Malvazija, which is just another of the charming ‘tastes and pleasures’ of Dubrovnik… There is so much more to say.


The view from the room of the famous Hotel Excelsior overlooking the hotel beach

I simply love Dubrovnik!                                                                         (More to come…)

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3 Responses to Dubrovnik… A nostalgic trip to my childhood

  1. Dubrovnik is one of my dream places to go! Fingers crossed for the future. Best of luck to you and happy travels! 🙂

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