Cosy, casual and chic…

cosy-casua-chicCosy, casual and chic… Grey embellished wool-hooded-sweatshirt and blue-jeans… quite a casual look for a lovely morning in front of the fireplace during the holiday season… with the room filled with my favorite home fragrance ‘Ambre’ by Diptyque. Grey is achromatic, by definition, although whenever I decide to wear grey, I am inspired by the famous Whistler’s self-portrait otherwise referred to as “Arrangement in grey”, for the ‘concert’ of different tones of grey… Fireplaces create specific relaxing atmosphere… 

[Moi: Frankie Morello, D&G, Lanski…]


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Necessities123... "We live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities." [O. Wilde]
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2 Responses to Cosy, casual and chic…

  1. I love this look. It has a brilliant aesthetic with a simplistic coziness. Definitely a style inspiration, even for a girl. I have a literary review blog, but I love interesting fashion tips. Keep posting!

    • Bonjour, Mademoiselle! Merci bien pour votre commentaire! Je serai très heureux de visiter votre blog.

      Hello! Thank you for the kind comments and the compliments regarding my look! I shall be glad to visit your blog, as I am very fond of literary subjects.


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