“Spheres” by Daniel Hope: Probably, the most intriguing album in 2013…

HOPE_1_DGI was immediately and completely possessed by this extraordinary journey through time and space, which was made immediately available to me through iTunes store. Another musical triumph of the famous Deutsche Grammophon.  “Spheres”… Tout simplement. Adorable. Sphere is a perfectly round geometrical object in 3D space. To us who like mathematical modeling, the key finding is – the set of points all at the same distance from a given point in 3D space, defined as the center of the sphere… A fused quartz gyroscope… that close to perfection! That’s how I understood Daniel Hope’s invitation to this musical journey in space and time… as the constant positive Gaussian curvature…

Reminiscence...Retour au passe[Lanski: Reminiscence de Vienne… Retour au passé, 2012, Mixed media ]

Daniel Hope, of the leading world’s violinists managed to do what I was expecting for years… [I used to make different compilations of the composers and authors of different epochs, having the same ligne-directrice in common, which was a daring move, not always well understood…] It required more open spheres of mind… What Daniel Hope did, was the creation of the perfectly cut diamond. Different epochs and composers are fused in one album that managed to fuse the variety of baroque and minimalism… The points have the same distance from the center of the sphere…

I cannot start without mentioning Fauré’s Cantique de Jean Racine, written in 1865, a true chef d’oeuvre belonging to French romantic period (‘everlasting light of heaven and earth’)… or the baroque pieces from Westhoff (1694), well ahead of time and Bach’s Prelude in E minor, which were mixed with the tonal works by the contemporary minimalists like Glass or Part… and the great unclassifiable Einaudi. The album shares the name of the work ‘Spheres’ composed by the young and talented composer Gabriel Prokofiev (yes, the grandson of the famous Russian composer Serge Prokofiev) and includes some of the world premiere recordings by Baranowski, Prokofiev, Igudesman and Gundermann… Hope perfectly well managed to juxtapose the pieces from the past epochs to those of our time, producing the effect of resonance. That’s why the order of the selected pieces is important – the order celebrates a certain idea of harmonic planetary movements.

HOPE-2-DGDaniel Hope once said: “It started with Pythagoras and extended to some of those extraordinary German thinkers, such as Johannes Kepler, who were convinced that music was created when planets move or collide, and that music had a mathematical foundation, a kind of astronomical harmony.”

Eclectic, shining, universal, celestial… per sempre! Bravissimo maestro! One of the albums that I enjoyed this year… Probably, the most intriguing album of 2013. Conclusion-and-recommendation: A ‘consommer’ sans modération!



Daniel Hope – http://www.danielhope.com/home/

DG – http://www.deutschegrammophon.com/en/cat/4790571

iTunes – http://www.apple.com/itunes/

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