My look: pre-autumn 2013


Early in the morning… between the first cup of the morning-vitamine-mixture: tangerine, red Sicilian orange and pamplemousse juice and the ride to work. Waiting for a cab to arrive… Allô, bonjour, je voudrais un taxi… vous arrivez, n’est-ce pas? It’s too early to start talking and walking, as I can hardly stand against the wall! Going to work before 9.30 AM sounds like a nightmare! One needs a pair of sunglasses, although Biotherm Homme did everything to regenerate my skin and to re-shape my ‘contour des yeux’! Force supreme!


For this lovely and sunny autumn morning, I felt like wearing this ‘bleu-blanc-rouge’ patriotic combination of colors: navy BLUE leather jacket by my favorite architect in fashion Monsieur Gianfranco Ferré, from Milan; Trussardi NAVY blue sunglasses, Cavalli navy BLUE bag and Moreschi navy BLUE belt, matched with this comfortable light BLUE Daks-of-London cotton shirt and the extremely comfortable and perfectly cut rust iron-oxide RED corduroy slim trousers made in Milan, Italy, by Harry-and-Sons (since 1936), which I got from Pitti Uomo, with the lovely knitted RED and WHITE silk tie, again from Pitti Uomo, made by the great magician of Italian silk ties Signore Ido Minola, someplace near Rimini, Italy, which caught my eye immediately for the great quality and structure! I matched the clothes with the exquisite, elegant, comfortable, unforgettable made-to-order Bally Scribe NAVY-WHITE Arien mixed wing cap Derby shoes, unparalleled in style… My second pair this year. Simply irresistible.


I needed something strong this morning… something aromatic, woody-oak-moss-like with the scent of patchouli, céleri and lavender to start with, opposed to deep woody tannins… just like the good old Yatagan, EDT from my favorite old Parisian parfumeur: Caron! Le taxi arrive… Bonne journée!

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Necessities123... "We live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities." [O. Wilde]
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