The loveliest of all cats is mine!

CICI_003bis (C) at Necessities123

Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods and some say they never forgot this! It is true that cats often impose their set of rules and values and we cannot but adapt. I am lucky because my cat is smart! A true connoisseur of comfort, art and computer science, my cat is also a true hedonist. She could sleep all day, without feeling guilty. She carefully chooses the type of food and the amount of time she would spend playing and running, so she’d stay in good physical condition.

CICI_001 (C) at Necessities123She plays cat-games on my (our) iPad, although the first time she played a cat chasing game, she carefully moved the iPad and almost turned it on the other side, showing me there’s no mouse under the surface, so she ended the game a bit disappointed! I could never forget that look in her eyes. More intelligent than most humans I’ve met and I’ve had the chance to meet many smart people in my life.

CICI_002 (C) at Necessities123

So, she decided taking more time on laptops and surfing on the net… She is a true pal. She enjoys when I listen to Shostakovich and stays all night awaken on my shoulders when I work on really serious topics… and she knows how to wake me up in the morning when she hears the clock before me!

It’s true – we have conversations, which are more truthful than the one Françoise Giroud described in her Histoires presques vraies… But let’s not forget, unlike humans, cats speak when they really have something to say! 

Quiet, gentle, elegant and lovable, she is a true lady. Her name is Cici aka Sissi (named after the beautiful empress portrayed by Winterhalter) and her behavior and attitude are royal! She walks with dignity, slowly and with grace and elegance… She likes the sound of piano and occasionally a tiny piece of foie gras

CICI_004 (C) at Necessities123

Unlike dogs, which I also like, cats don’t have the owners and one should always respect the “mutual agreement” respecting each other’s freedom and individuality. Cats are not for everyone: they choose carefully those lucky people who have the chance to share the bright moments of their lives with them. They don’t take orders. I’ve never needed to give an order to my cat, as she perfectly knows what to do. I am amazed with her subtlety and grace. She would gently caress me on my cheeks and forehead when she thinks I deserved it and when she feels like showing her emotions, but never too long and never too intensely… 

I am lucky – the smartest and the loveliest of all cats is mine!                         M.N.

P.S. Charles Bukowski said something about cats:

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