Autoritratto: Napoli in diretta


Autoritratto: ‘Napoli in diretta’ is a mixed-media self-portrait…

My own perception in the city of numerous socio-cultural and historic layers, which is like a mosaic with numerous precious stones and those wild, rough ones that contribute to the interpretation of your feelings, that give you the texture, the essence, the structure, which you can re-structure using your own creativity with the strong impression… Strong as a volcano and tender as a breeze, brave as a warrior and fragile as a child… That’s Naples… The wisdom of the old Greeks, the strength of the Normans, the style of the Bourbons, the essential, almost molecular cohesion of the Italian unity from the XIX century… 

Mixed-media is a relief, a strong mixture of techniques that gives you the freedom of expression and let your imagination play with different artistic and virtual techniques, the way you can play with your imagination, simply by following your feelings and intuition…                                                                 M.N.


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