First 100 years of POLTRONA FRAU

FRAU 001

It was back in 1912 that Renzo Frau registered the company POLTRONA FRAU with the Chamber of Commerce of Turin, Piedmont, Italy.

 FRAU 002

The company’s founder was Sardinian-born Renzo Frau, who, over time, has successfully taken the ‘Made in Italy’ style and quality beyond national confines.

 FRAU 003

There have been many important moments in the history of POLTRONA FRAU, and they have all contributed in some way to creating the legend of this company.

 FRAU 004

Since its foundation in 1912, POLTRONA FRAU has succeeded in developing communication as a project. And using communication to transform furnishing items into outstanding symbols.

 FRAU 005

POLTRONA FRAU has ever since the beginnings, blended manufacturing skills with research in material and design development.

FRAU 006

Numerous designers and architects have been involved into this creative, endless brain-storming process, making of the company the specific creative center, spreading its strong influence to younger generations. Another century is to start for FRAU, another great era full of brand new ideas and the art of making perfect artistic objects to decorate our homes…


Numerous well-known artists are easily recognized on this panel…

Luckily, their work is available, transmitted to the idea of home-based objects thanks to POLTRONA FRAU.

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