Lunettes… Un certain regard sur l’optique!

MES YEUXThe “categorical imperative” for this and a couple of previous seasons was “GO THICK” when choosing both the optical frames and the sunglasses and stick to acetate or corn, if possible! There is certain aesthetics about this choice, giving you the strong facial expression, the frame around your eyes, making you look serious, smart and intello and somewhat BCBG

MES YEUX 002Apart from that, the choice of good old thick frames give you the freedom to strongly influence your look and expression, to define your traits, to manifest your strong ego and display the adequate message: I am the player and I make the rules!

MES YEUX 003Numerous designers proposed different models and it’s easy to choose: YSL, D&G, Lafont, Lanvin, Alain Mikli, Theo, RIGARDS, Mykita, Linda Farrow, Starck, Anne et Valentin, Selima, Illesteva, Tom Ford, Cutler and Gross… and many more (I must have forgotten someone!)

MES YEUX 004I have seen and worn many of these since 2009, when it looked too expressive giving the overall avant-garde impression!

MES YEUX 005I’ve been seriously thinking of moving back to “thin in tin”… and have already made a ROUND selection… Although, “thick and plastic” will remain forever the question of attitude, so it’s never gonna be (completely) out!

Trust me, LE METAL is gonna be back soon, maybe sooner than we might expect! I’ve already made my “shocking choice” for the outdated society boom! More to come…


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Necessities123... "We live in an age where unnecessary things are our only necessities." [O. Wilde]
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